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Principal, Technologist

With over 20 years of experience, Pedersen is well established as an industry innovator and skilled project planner in Canada and Argentina. His roots are in traditional graphic design, desktop publishing, and print. After perfecting these skills he added multimedia, web sites design, software development and project management to his portfolio. Combined, these skills have made him a success in the digital market place.

After studying applied and computer science at the National University from the Center of the Buenos Aires Province, Pedersen started the first desktop publishing company in his native city, servicing over 22 printing companies and small businesses. In 1992, he moved to Montreal and worked as Art and IT Director for Cepac 2000 Inc., a mid-sized company dedicated to the conception and realization of advertising for TÚlÚ-Direct (Yellow Pages) in Eastern Canada and advertising in the USA. It was here where he realized the potential of the emerging technologies, specifically the Internet.

In 1996 Pedersen relocated from Montreal to Vancouver to work for Planet City Graphics Inc. His responsibilities included creating traditional print marketing material and researching new technologies. He participated in the development of one of the first Flash based sites on the Internet and developed the first 3D photo web sites using Quick Time VR and VRML technologies.

Since then Pedersen has undertaken several positions in start up companies including:

- Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Welcome to Search Inc. where he was actively involved in the conception, design and development of a prototype search engine designed to render information based on the user's physical location.

- CTO at A Sure eCommerce Inc. where he designed and developed "A Sure Return Guarantee Program" using Oracle and Sun Microsystems technologies.

- CTO of CathayOnline Inc. where he participated in the conception, design and development of International projects. These included an internet service provider employing 80 people, a bilingual arts & entertainment portal, a communications portal designed to converge email, unified messaging VOIP, faxOIP, voicemail and Flashcandy and a free electronic card system.

Pedersen enjoys volunteering in the community as a way to fulfill his paraprofessional desires. Eiler has taught as a substitute teacher in a technical high school in Argentina, and has given Hatha Yoga and Children's Judo instruction among many other activities.

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